Erik Okstad


In his 14 years at R+C, Erik has worked on some of the firm’s most recognizable projects such as the UC Davis Shrem Art Museum, whose 50,000 sf free-flowing steel canopy makes it a landmark on campus. Blending aesthetics with functionality, his work is marked by its responsiveness to the needs of owners, stakeholders, and design team members. By opening lines of communication across disciplines, Erik has helped resolve complex issues regarding constructability and adherence to architectural vision.

Erik was a key member of the team on the new Monterey Bay Aquarium Betchel Center for Ocean Education and Leadership, an outgrowth of the Aquarium’s mission to inspire the next generation of ocean activists and enthusiasts. He is currently working on San Jose State University's new Interdisciplinary Science Building and San Francisco State University's renovation and addition Replacement Science Building project. In addition, he is working on the design of a new building at the NASA Ames campus for use by the U.S. Geological Survey. Whether he is designing laboratories, exhibit space, or academic facilities, Erik brings palpable enthusiasm to his projects and the teams he works with.

Beautiful, Functional, Green

Alan led the R+C team to design a visually minimal support structure for the complex photovoltaic panel canopy between buildings at UC Merced’s Science and Engineering 2 building. The canopy is composed of vertical as well as horizontal PV panels and provides not only a solar energy source for the building, but shading for the plaza and a visually striking entrance.