Emma G. Meehan


Associate Principal
Civil Engineer - California
M.S., Structural Engineering, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Emma has been with R+C since the beginning of her career. Emma engages in a broad spectrum of projects including, retrofits of historic waterfront projects, laboratory buildings like the Shriram Center for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering at Stanford University and the Regional Science and Innovation Centre at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and campus work for some of today's largest high-tech companies. Emma enjoys the collaborative process that comes with working in a design team. She is service oriented and believes that a holistic approach to projects will produce a design that responds to the needs of users.

Beautiful, Functional, Green

Alan led the R+C team to design a visually minimal support structure for the complex photovoltaic panel canopy between buildings at UC Merced’s Science and Engineering 2 building. The canopy is composed of vertical as well as horizontal PV panels and provides not only a solar energy source for the building, but shading for the plaza and a visually striking entrance.