Ellen Leong

Overseeing R+C’s day-to-day financial operations, Ellen works closely with R+C’s principals and project managers to help ensure successful projects. Blending attention to detail with an energetic and collegial spirit, Ellen provides critical accounting, forecasting, cash flow, and reporting to ensure R+C’s internal operations run smoothly. With more than 20 years of experience in the AEC industry, Ellen derives satisfaction from the impact she has firm-wide with regard to analyzing project performance and helping to streamline workflow.

Beautiful, Functional, Green

Alan led the R+C team to design a visually minimal support structure for the complex photovoltaic panel canopy between buildings at UC Merced’s Science and Engineering 2 building. The canopy is composed of vertical as well as horizontal PV panels and provides not only a solar energy source for the building, but shading for the plaza and a visually striking entrance.